See you next year!

With great pride and joy we look back on the 14th International Chamber Music Festival Wassenaar ICMF 2023 What a joy it was to see you all again! The 14th edition of the ICMF was a tribute to the feminine. With the theme "Homage to Eve," ICMF gave female composers a stage and played masterpieces about love.

Several art forms came together in this year's Festival as well; visual art and music in the concert at Museum Voorlinden, and the spoken word with musical accompaniment in the children's concert at Kasteel de Wittenburg.

As you have come to expect from us, the 14th ICMF also offered classical music by top musicians, brought in an intimate atmosphere and close to home; in addition to our own Irina Renes, there were Korbinian Altenberger, Manuel Hofer, Ofer Canetti, Konstantyn Napolov, Antonii Baryshevskyi, Anneleen Schuitemakers, Nino Gvetadze and Hans Zonderop.

Thursday, June 15, Masterclass in Van Ommeren Park

The festival began with the Chamber Music Masterclass at The Hague Conservatory of Music, a tradition we started in 2021 that will certainly remain on the festival's menu. The master class focused on how to communicate during ensemble playing. The teachers were Irina Renes, Manuel Hofer and Ofer Canetti. They played with the students in an ensemble "Side-by-Side" and lessons were taught from within the ensemble. To conclude, they gave a joint performance at the Senior Residence Van Ommeren Park. The interaction between the young musicians and the elderly residents of the residence is an emotional moment for the festival that we cherish.

Friday, June 16, Turning the Tide, at Museum Voorlinden

Prior to the concert, guests were given a tour of the empty Museum. A special opportunity to experience art in such an intimate way!
All the works played were by female composers. Similarly, the poignant "Mono no aware" by Victoria Poleva was performed as a world premiere. The concert further featured works by Grażyna Bacewicz, Lili Boulanger, Amy Beach and Florence Price. The concert was recorded by NPO Radio4, was broadcast on June 27, May and is here after listening.

Saturday, June 17, Love Letters, at the Village Church

Again, the atmosphere was great. A full church, and on the stage a beautiful Fazioli grand piano. We performed spectacular music; including a wonderful arrangement by Ofer Canetti of Carmen. Irina always explained what the different works meant. And so in addition to the Salut d'amour by Edward Elgar and the famous Adagietto of Gustav Mahler into the final piece: the beautiful and erotic piano quintet by Cesar Franck.

Sunday, June 18, Luna Speelman at Kasteel de Wittenburg

And as a bouncer, our children's concert in a real Castle! A musical family performance in Kasteel de Wittenburg, on Father's Day, no less! The well-known actress Kiki Jaski told the fairy tale "Luna Speelman", which she wrote especially for our festival, accompanied by a string ensemble with percussion. It became an enchanting fairy tale adventure for all young knights, dragons, princes and princesses. Afterwards, there was an opportunity for the children to try instruments and meet the musicians.

We are grateful for your support and attention. We also hope to be able to count on you again for the 15th ICMF. For a donation you can here justified.

For now, we wish you beautiful summer.

On behalf of the ICMF Board,
Vera Timmermans, vice president