Musical highlights at the most beautiful locations in Wassenaar and surroundings

This "pearl in the land of festivals" also offers musical highlights this year with international top artists as well as musicians from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and Berliner Philharmoniker, among others, at the most beautiful locations in Wassenaar and its surroundings.

It is a locally built festival but with an international appeal at world-class level. Small but very nice. It is also exceptional that all layers of audience are reached, totally within the objective of the festival: to make the most beautiful chamber music for an eager public. We begin with respect to the elderly and end, almost tripping over the children, at the packed children's concert in Museum Voorlinden. The traditional concert in the Dorpskerk attracts a broad traditional but also increasingly younger audience. Everyone is catered for, in a completely natural way, born of the wishes of the festival.

Moreover, the festival is financially supported by the inhabitants of Wassenaar, both through (small) contributions as well as through ticket sales. This indicates that there is a need for this type of cultural event in our region.

Every year we involve amateur musicians in our festival. Planned is a collaboration with music association Excelsior, as well as musicians from the Van Wassenaer Orkest and the music school in the form of performances through the village. The goal is to bring the festival out more, as well as to show that enjoying music can be at any level.

This jewel in the land of festivals offers musical highlights with top international artists at the most beautiful locations in Wassenaar and its surroundings.

Background of the Festival

Since 2010, ICMF has been organizing annual chamber music concerts for young and old and, in accordance with its objective, has undeniably contributed to making chamber music at the top level more accessible and "manageable" for a wide audience from Wassenaar and surrounding areas, including the educational element that each year ensures that very young children can be introduced to classical music in a playful manner and try out used music instruments.

With the Dorpskerk concert as an anchor point, more program items have been added over the years, making as many cross-links as possible between the various art disciplines. Since the concerts were sold out in most cases, it appears that a local need is being met.

ICMF's continued existence is ensured in a financial sense by maintaining a cash reserve of "one festival year ahead". In order not to reduce this "security" too much, the ICMF is urgently looking for additional financial support each year. With the exception of a modest contribution from the municipality of Wassenaar, the ICMF is supported entirely by private sponsorship, both by the circle of "Friends of the ICMF" and by donations from various funds; in this the ICMF proves itself to be a good "cultural entrepreneur", but raising funds will, we fear, not become any easier in the future, despite the use of a good administrative network and a very active group of volunteers.


The ICMF focuses on offering an annual small-scale chamber music festival with chamber music of the highest level. For this purpose Dutch and international (top) musicians are brought to Wassenaar in a "small" setting. These musicians are inclined to come and play with violinist and artistic director Irina Simon-Renes at a very reduced rate, partly because of the friendly atmosphere of the festival (musicians are accommodated with guest families) and partly because of the sheer pleasure of playing together and exchanging experiences outside the regular large-concert setting.

The elements of each Festival consist of:

  1. education of public, through a lecture related to the program
  2. enthusiasm for and delivery of "listen-and-try" lessons for young children, in collaboration with schools
  3. giving two concerts, in varying line-ups and with little played or special repertoire
  4. Giving a children's/family concert for which the children prior to
    this concert are being prepared and in which they can also participate
  5. To give a concert especially aimed at and near the elderly. According to tradition, this concert takes place in the Seniorenresidentie van Ommerenpark.


Artistic Direction Festival
Irina Simon-Renes

Foundation Board

Annebeth Webb

Vice President:
Vera Timmermans Wielenga

Diederik Conijn

Diederik Conijn

Vera Timmermans-Wielenga 

Riana Le Fever-Meijer
Karin Rijnenberg
Bas van der Vegte
Michiel Wesseling